Well, that is exactly what the newspapers say.   Hyperbole?  Certainly.  However, six occasions had been surrendered by Juventus in four days’ space. Worse, they allow a two-goal lead slide inside the last twenty minutes against the Ducali. There have been mitigating circumstances.  Giorgio Chiellini limped from this Atalanta match while Andrea Barzagli and fellow centre-backs Leonardo Bonucci were out injured.  The matchday squad of juventus was their first because 2011 to not feature some of the BBC.  (Though, you do not need to go back so far to obtain a match when none of these got on the pitch.)  Mehdi Benatia into Al-Duhail’s selling trimmed the winners’ options.  Martín Cáceres was chosen to begin alongside Daniele Rugani in centre-back.  Juventus were rejoined by the Uruguayan on loan following the best aspect of 3 decades away, through which he performed for Verona Southampton and Lazio.As you may anticipate, cáceres appeared as easy.  It shouldn’t have mattered.  When Rugani volleyed their second goal after Cristiano Ronaldo juventus had this match in hand from the minute.  The Portuguese had started the scoring midway. But Juraj Kucka was awarded all of the time he needed to swing a cross .  Antonino Barillà and it fulfilled outside Mattia Perin with a header.  Juventus players were subjected on the target, but many glaringly Sami Khedira slow to monitor the conduct of Barillà — and João Cancelo idle to provide aid.  The team leaders needed a response: Ronaldo climbing to fulfill a cross minutes restoring their benefit.  There was little awareness of danger here.  And that was the issue.  For a group that had dropped so in midweek, Juventus were presumptuous that is inexcusably.  Rugani should have been marking Gervinho much more closely in the 74th minute, once the Ivorian darted into the front pole and fulfilled another Kucka crossover using a heels film that deflected off the protector and snuck in at the near post. Two minutes to injury-time, Juventus had Mario Mandzukic down by his own corner .  They would have been nice, if he had booted the ball into contact.  He decided towards teammates around the border of this box a return to pivot and processor.  The ball dropped and deflected off one competitor.  He squared for Gervinho, whose close-range shot Perin could palm to the bottom of the pub and resisted a challenge that was feeble from Rugani.  It bounced down throughout the line to get an equaliser that was unlikely.

Never in the tenure of Massimiliano Allegri had Juventus surrendered six goals in 2 games’ area.  You could say they had been unfortunate an defence punished because of its missteps, on Saturday.  Leonardo Spinazzola, making his first league start played a wing-back Atalanta for his team, but had been thrown here on the left of a four.  Khedira hit the woodwork twice.And these outcomes haven’t come from nowhere.  Juventus haven’t been playing for a while, although it seems to say of a group which has dropped six points in 22 Serie A matches.  They need to have dropped in their league game, when they neglected to capture some shot that was first-half because Opta began tracking such information to Lazio.   Just the individual ability of Cristiano Ronaldo had saved a point in Atalanta from the league fixture.Not even he can save them Wednesday, when Atalanta and they played with off the playground.  The Bergamo club have been in good fettle at the moment, but Juventus haven’t dropped by such a margin to some national rival since Allegri occurred control.  Suspensions and injuries are part of the film.  It’s not merely in defence which Juventus are short-staffed.  Miralem Pjanic missed the match and Emre May was bad because his replacement.  Mandzukic was missed — by Ronaldo particularly before returning Saturday, he missed.A staff with the resources of Juventus can not expect much sympathy.  Alex Sandro and paulo Dybala were one of the substitutes that are unused this weekend.  The attraction with Parma isn’t a catastrophe.  Juventus are in danger of dropping place as matters stand.  The catastrophe talk in newspapers like La Repubblica relates to not Serie A, but also the club’s aspirations of winning the Champions League.   Defeat to Atalanta signifies they have failed.  This is going to be the first time which Juventus fail to acquire a double. There’s not quite a catastrophe in Turin, but with neither of Bonucci or even Barzagli anticipated to make it back in time to your first leg, there’s a mounting feeling of concern.

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